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Greetings. My name is Rob and my goal here is to create the most brutal, honest, hardass rating community on livejournal. This is not one of those, inside and outside beauty, communities. Here you will be accpeted or rejected based on looks alone. It's all in good fun, but if you don't like criticism and if you're planning on giving me a hard time if rejected, please, don't bother applying beacause...I wont care. Read this info page in full so you don't embarrass yourself by breaking any rules in the future.
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1* Obviously, you are not to comment or post anything besides your application before you're accepted. This is a rule for every rating community. Breaking it will not be tolerated.
2* When voting, please make sure you put either yes or no of some kind in the subject line. This just makes it a lot easier to count votes.
3*Do NOT talk back. In applying to this community you are knowingly subjecting yourself to harsh criticism and talking back to the already accepted memeber or, god forbid, the Mod is not going to win you an accepted stamp, trust me.
4* Everything that is not text only under a cut please.
5* When applying put "rip me apart" in your subject line and " Rate me Rob" in your lj cut text.
6* Harsh voting is basically the point of this community. Don't apply if you're going to give everybody and their Mama a yes. Of course being as harsh
as the Mod is not expected of you, only encouraged.
7* In the event of a tie, my vote counts as two.
8* I am not asking you your age. But , if you look under 16, chances are you will not be accepted.
(I may revise this later on, for now...anything else is free game)

What, in your opinion, is your greatest and worst physical asset?
Promote in one community and one private journal.
Submit 5-10 clear pictures of yourself. Including at least one face shot and one body shot.